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Mitch & kirby



I just wanted to say thank you so much for being so awesome in the lead up to, and on our wedding day. The music was hugely important to us on our big day and it was absolutely seamless, thanks to you. I’m not quite sure how you managed to get everyone outside onto that dance floor, given it was the windiest and iciest September night in the history of man, but the music was too good not to get up and boogie! Everyone had a blast and our wedding photographers even said you were the coolest wedding DJ they’d ever heard. Thanks again, and I hope we one day might be able to get down to your mad DJing at another north coast wedding!

Mitch & Kirby


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Well hi there, what's your name?
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about scradley

Hi I'm Brad .. also known as Scradley.. I love a good reason to party, people, music and dancing.. I’ve been causing people to dance since the age of 12. My original method was to strike drums with sticks. These days I’m spinning Records and pushing faders with that same musical instinct. I also Produce music, own a recording studio and teach people to play the drums, basically specialise in all things groove.

I have an amazing Wife and kid who also love people, music, dancing and living life to the fullest.

At your party I care about you having the greatest of times, so along with my turntables I bring a ruthless tune selection, my slick transition finger tips, and a sworn oath to assist in vibe control from chill... right through to dance frenzy mayhem.

If you're keen to hear more, I'd love to chat.